Learn how to play a classic or bring your own copy and play with some great folk. Cosmic Encounter by Fantasy Flight Games is an epic game of space conquest with deceptively simple rules. Establish colonies on planets outside of your home system, the first player to five colonies wins!invade

Break out all of your super heavies! This will be a fun casual Apocalypse game free to all who would like to play.


During all night gaming we will be hosting the +2 comedy podcast’s 24 hours of gaming charity event! Donate to give the players challenges! The games to be played will be Battletoads and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES as well as Megaman X for the SNES.ExtraLifeSony-610

Join us for a night of spooky fun! We will be having $10 MTG drafts all night, Warhammer 40K Apocalypse, a Call of Cthulhu one shot adventure, as well as tons of board game fun. Food will be once again provided by Ryan!halloween1

Learn some great games! All day we will be demoing horror themed games and one lucky player will get to take home a copy of one of the demoed games! We will be running Eldritch Horror, Mansions of Madness, Zombies!!!, and a few others.20130928-163415.jpg

Will you be able to defeat your enemy and continue your mission? Or will both fleets be doomed?

StarTrekAttackWingPlayers will receive 1 random Booster Pack and must add 30 SP from this Booster Pack (including the ship
and/or any Captain or Upgrade Cards) to their 90 SP Fleet Build bringing the Total Fleet Build to 120 SP.
Stores will determine requirements for participation in this month’s OP program. This may include purchase of Attack Wing product or entry fees where local laws allow. Stores are encouraged to allow players to arrive 1 hour earlier to receive their random Booster Pack and revise their Fleet Builds.

Test your meddle against other Smash players! We will be playing the new Smash Brothers game for the Nintendo 3Ds. $5 Entry and prizes for the top players.Smash_Bros_Logo


Continuing our escalation series with a brand new edition. Battle opponents at Jester’s Playhouse in ever increasing battles. Entrants to the tournament will receive 20% off in stock Warhammer items in order to expand their army as the point levels increase. Entry is $10 and the tournaments begins Sundays at 1:00PM.

  • June 8th 900 Points
  • June 15th 1100 Points
  • June 22nd 1300 Points
  • June 29th 1300 Points
  • July 7th 1500 Points

20130928-164251.jpgSpring is here and its time to start a new army or finish that old one. Entry is $10 ($8 for Deathjesters). Here is your chance to build an army slowly setting weekly goals. As an added bonus to players, we are extend a 20% off for tournament players the day of the tournament. So not only are you getting to play you favorite game, but now you have a chance to get your stuff cheaper. Games begin at 500 Points and go up by 200 points per week up to 1500 points.

We will be holding a Standard Tournament every Saturday. Entry will be $8 and there will be boosters for the winners as well as 2 lucky random players. Currently all cards from the Return to Ravnica block, the Innistrad block and Magic 2013 are legal. Need a deck, check out our selection of Event Decks.