image Our monthly tournament for Netrunner gives you a chance to get some competitive play and get ready for the regionals in the Spring.  Entry is $8 and there will be prizes based on participation.

20131226-155316.jpg Dust off the models and play your favorite miniatures game. It will be a 3 round tournament with 1 hr rounds. Entry will be $8 and prizes will be awarded for 1st and 2nd places and Best Painted. All month people will be prepping so come by Tuesdays in March.


Think you are the best Duelist? Prove it and win your very own iPad mini. Entry for the event is $19. We need 20 players minimum to hold the event, so bring a
friend that you can beat, so you can win.  There will be additional prizes based on participation.


Bring your best Standard deck and play for the chance to win a Box of In-stock Magic. Entry is $10 and there will be promos for all who enter.


A new round of Escalation begins in March. First week is 500 points and starts March 9th. Games escalate 200 points each weeks. $10 Entry

  • March 9th 500 Points
  • March 16th 700 Points
  • March 23rd 900 Points
  • March 30th 1100 Points
  • April 6th 1300 Points
  • April 13th 1500 Points
  • April 20th Finals 1750 Points

mtglogoMagic Players! Are you tired of second guessing your draft pick? Have you ever wanted a definitive lesson on deckbuilding? Sunday Magic Academy might be for you! Starting 2/16, everySunday from 2-4 we will be hosting a MTG seminar series for one month. Every week will include lessons on the following: deckbuilding, strategy, proper drafting, rules clarification, and much
more! Entry will be $20 and this is a first come first serve class. Only the initial 8 players will get spots so sign up soon!

Join Jester’s and the Northfield Public Library for a day of fun boardgames for all ages.  The library will kindly offer snacks as well.

20131226-154941.jpgGrand Prix  Trials (GPTs) are smaller, regional Magic Tournaments that award at least one 2-round bye to the appropriate individual-format Grand Prix. Players
with a 2-round bye at a Grand Prix get a “leg up” in the event – they don’t have to play in the first two rounds of the tournament and are considered to have won those rounds! Entry will be $30 and the format will be Sealed

Ivory_Edition_logoThe newest edition of L5R updates and enhances game play and here is your chance to
try it out for the first time. There will be a sealed deck tournament starting
at 2 PM as well as game demos before and after along with other L5R
themed events. This is your chance to start getting ready for the AC Kotei.
Entry for the Sealed is $30 and there will be promos for all!

We will be holding a Standard Tournament every Saturday. Entry will be $8 and there will be boosters for the winners as well as 2 lucky random players. Currently all cards from the Return to Ravnica block, the Innistrad block and Magic 2013 are legal. Need a deck, check out our selection of Event Decks.