Continuing our escalation series with a brand new edition. Battle opponents at Jester’s Playhouse in ever increasing battles. Entrants to the tournament will receive 20% off in stock Warhammer items in order to expand their army as the point levels increase. Entry is $10 and the tournaments begins Sundays at 1:00PM.

  • June 8th 900 Points
  • June 15th 1100 Points
  • June 22nd 1300 Points
  • June 29th 1300 Points
  • July 7th 1500 Points

20130928-164251.jpgSpring is here and its time to start a new army or finish that old one. Entry is $10 ($8 for Deathjesters). Here is your chance to build an army slowly setting weekly goals. As an added bonus to players, we are extend a 20% off for tournament players the day of the tournament. So not only are you getting to play you favorite game, but now you have a chance to get your stuff cheaper. Games begin at 500 Points and go up by 200 points per week up to 1500 points.

We will be holding a Standard Tournament every Saturday. Entry will be $8 and there will be boosters for the winners as well as 2 lucky random players. Currently all cards from the Return to Ravnica block, the Innistrad block and Magic 2013 are legal. Need a deck, check out our selection of Event Decks.


We are forming a new club for war game enthusiasts. In order to get member benefits, there will be a monthly or yearly fee. $10/monthly or $100/yearly. For this you get the following:
5% off all purchases at Jesters.
$2 off all club tournaments and events.
Exclusive club events for members only
With a year membership, you get a customized club bowling shirt.

The purpose of the club is to make a unique club for war gamers to get together and make a stronger community by running in store events, attending local and regional events together and help each other with building, painting and designing war game armies and terrain. All our welcome of all ages and experience so please stop by and find out more. Most events are open to the public, so you do not have to be a member to participate! More details coming soon! Join our Facebook group by emailing us at: thedeathjesters@groups.facebook.com.

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